Can Your Subconscious Mind Ease Your Pain Or Daily Stresses In Life?

by James Samy


It has happen generation after generation that stress in life can destroy a persons lifestyle.

There is no time for many to sit and use their subconscious mind to cultivate a more relax and useful lifestyle. I am also in that position few months back. After going to "First Steps To Success" by Dani Johnson" in Orlando, my life has took a 360 degree turn and there is no excuse not to spend time with my subconscious mind.

Everything in life needs a starting point even when we start to walk as a toddler. If a toddler never walks, he or she will never walk forever. Therefore, subconscious mind needs to start off and it only can happen by you starting it.

It is a powerful tool for mankind but seldom used by all. Albert Einstein, Thomas Edison and even Abraham Lincoln used it often and achieved wonders in their life. I am not saying that I am like them now but over time anyone can make things happen. It is like miracles happening in your life, your action and your persistence will amke it happen.

I used my subconscious mind daily and made it to Dani Johnson "First Steps To Success" and also had an image in my mind showing what really happening on stage. It came alive on 28th Jan 2012. I saw the whole picture before it happen.

How can such things happen? I wondered.

Because my inner self wants it to happen and the daily feeding from the subconscious mind. You too can make things happen if you really want it.

Disease for me is not disease, actually it is a dis-ease. The body goes into a state of imbalance which makes different function in our body go havoc. By using the subconscious mind one can conquer the dis-ease but it is not easy. We are surrounded by the 98% group who will say things like your dis-ease is incurable and you will never make it. Do not make your mind polluted by the 98%, be yourself and use your inner self power of your subconscious mind.

Let me remind you that you have to focus and persist to achieve whatever you.

You must be asking .. can I get whatever I want with the subconscious mind … No!!!

The designer has design what to give you and only good stuff will be giving to you. Do not ask funny things.



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