Can Blaming And Complaining Make Your Life Flourish

by James Samy

In today's world people are not satisfied with what they have, they want more and the best. They blame and complain in order to get whatever they want. It flows from grandparents to parents to children's.

Are you ONE of them?

I was in the "NOT SATISFIED" group and always pressuring myself with why things happening, blaming and complaining. But after meeting a special family of people in Orlando, my life took a big turn. "First Steps To Success" is not a,normal seminar where you meet people, learn a few things and go back to old school stuff again after few weeks. This group of people will be motivating you daily wherever you are.

Complaining will make your life stressful because you cannot put off fire with fire. Things can happen only with an attitude of gratitude, forgiving and forgetting. I did not believe that gratitude or forgiving can do wonders in my life because my life was without the teaching of gratitude or forgiving. People around me always complain or blame that their working environment or salary or even their life is not proper and this made me who I suppose not be.

If I never been to Dani Johnson's "First Steps To Success" in Orlando, my life will be there same for me and generation to come after me. Therefore, in order to have a meaningful life … money or wealth cannot give it to you , only life of acceptance with joy  can bring it to you. You have only one life here and make good use of it to give your best out to those who need most

"Change your thoughts and you change your world."
Norman Vincent Peale

Norman Vincent Peale says it short and simple for all to follow  … Only you can do it , not others


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