happy_001 Man and Woman was created to cultivate the surrounding and prosper wherever their are planted.

But over time human created a new style of living

or system beyond the plan of the CREATOR who created human.

Few centuries back, happiness is living around parents, brothers, sisters, relatives, eating home grown food and having a good heart towards each other.

Now the trend has changed tremendously. People do a lot of things externally and internally to bring happiness to their lifestyle.

Healthy Living is one of the major destination that people of all walks of life finding or hunting for it.

From my point of view, healthy living is good but nowadays whatever you and I consume is not guaranteed original … many are chemical made.

Following are the methods that will brings healthy living towards happiness for me

  • having a good heart towards others
  • always smile whoever you meet
  • giving gratitude in whatever situations
  • never pour hatred words towards others
  • eating healthy food and cursing destroys healthy cell in your body
  • laughing and sharing jokes
  • relaxing with a evening walk

Above are some of the healthy living ways towards happiness. But the most important of all is having a good heart without anger, hatred and carrying baggage of the past.


Have a healthy living by SMILING



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